About Us

What’s our story?

We Are My Charity Change

My Charity Change is opening the door to opportunity. No, we’re not talking about door knocking, but the opportunity for everyday Australians to consistently donate to causes close to their hearts, without feeling the financial stress, guilt or commitment.

Our innovative, first-to-market digital fundraising platform allows you to connect with Australian charities and not for profit organisations, to support important causes and families who need it most.

Our Mission

100% donations to give our charities 100% support

What if Australians had a platform that showcased reputable charities, educated them on the work that these organisations provided and allowed them to support seamlessly with consistent weekly donations?

They do now. 

My Charity Change is Australia’s first ‘round-up’ charity application, offering a simple means to support Australian charities through microdonations. 

Our key objectives

Hi, we’re the directors

Directors | Change Makers

With over 12 years in the charity and not-for-profit sector, we were tired of traditional door knocking and fundraising activities to generate supporter donations. We needed something new, something that was easily accessible, something that allowed any Australian, whatever their budget, the opportunity to show their support.

And suddenly, it all made cents. The My Charity Change idea was born. 

We are just two Aussie blokes on a mission to fundraise, support Australian charities and prove that giving is not just about donating, it’s about making a positive impact.