Charitable Partners

Upon the establishment of a Charitable Partner account (as verified via the designated charity sign up portal), an agreement is constituted between My Charity Change and the respective charitable entity (Charitable Partner). This agreement delineates the terms and conditions governing the utilisation of services provided by My Charity Change.

Content Management

Charitable Partners assume exclusive responsibility for the creation, uploading, and management of content within their designated portals on the My Charity Change platform. This encompasses textual material, visual assets, multimedia presentations, organisational milestones, logos, and any other representative content. It is expressly understood that My Charity Change shall not employ any uploaded content for purposes beyond the confines of the application or social media marketing.

Acceptance of Terms

By confirming partnership via the designated sign-up portal at, Charitable Partners signify their agreement to adhere to all provisions outlined within this document. Such agreement encompasses compliance with pertinent data protection regulations and assumes accountability for the accuracy and legality of the uploaded content.

Ownership and Access to User Data

User (donor) data remains the property of My Charity Change. Upon attainment of a designated payment plan tier (bronze, silver, or gold), Charitable Partners are granted access to all user (donor) data.

Data Sharing

My Charity Change is duly authorised to share user (donor) data with Charity Partners as outlined within the My Charity Change Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Please see Charity Communication within the My Charity Change Privacy Policy to further data sharing policies.

Termination of Agreement

Charitable Partners reserve the right to terminate the agreement with My Charity Change at any juncture. To remove social media content linked to My Charity Change, Charitable Partners must email All charity content will be deleted within 7 days of request.

Termination for Breach of Terms

My Charity Change reserves the right to terminate the agreement with Charitable Partners in the event of non-compliance with any provisions outlined. In the event of such breach, My Charity Change retains the authority to immediately terminate the agreement to safeguard the integrity of the platform and uphold the interests of users (donors).