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Does 100% of my donation go directly to the charity?

Yes. 100% of your donation is received by the charity(s) that you support. Most donations are tax deductible, but please consult with a tax professional for further clarification.

How will I know I’m making a difference?

My Charity Change was created to help Australian charities and the great work they do. With this in mind, our partner charities have full transparency on your donations and will be in touch to show their appreciation.

I'm passionate about a charity that is not on your list. How do I get them to be a registered charity?

We are always happy to support new charities through My Charity Change. As long as they are an accredited Charity or Not-for-profit with the Australian Government and registered with ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).

Can I choose more than one charity to donate to?

Yes. You are able to select up to 3 charities to donate to funds toward. Upon selection, we will divide your charitable donations equally across your selected charity(s). You can rotate charities as much or little as you want!

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