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Does it cost me anything to download My Charity Change?

My Charity Change is free to download through both Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Is My Charity Change available outside of Australia?

My Charity Change is only available in Australia via iTunes Store (iOS iPhones) or Google Play Store (Android phones).

What is the minimum donation?

We have a minimum donation of $2 a week for each charity that you select. For example, if you select 3 charities to support, a minimum donation of $6 will be processed weekly.

How does the ‘round up’ function work?

For those that link a nominated card and bank account, transactions made on the nominated card will round up to the nearest dollar.

For example, if a transaction is made for $16.95, we will round up the difference to $17.00. This means, you will donate $0.05.

To save endless paperwork, we add up all these ‘microtransactions’ weekly and process one donation to your selected charity(s).

When is my payment processed?

My Charity Change processes all transactions weekly at 3pm Thursday AEST.

Can I see all the transactions made?

Yes. Within the app the ‘My Impact’ section will showcase the transactions made and the round-up amount(s).

My tax receipt doesn’t match my bank statement, why?

We always ensure 100% of donations are sent to your selected charity(s), this is reflected in your tax receipts. The difference will be the additional transaction & connection fee.

How do I know how much I am donating?

That’s easy. You are able to set your minimum and maximum weekly goal within the app. This ensures that you know how the most you will be donating, no surprises!

Can I link more than one credit card?

We try to keep the process as simple as possible, at present, there can only be one card linked to an account. However, you could attach another debit/credit card to another unique email account. You are able to update and change credit cards through the application in 1 simple step.

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