Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

My Charity Change was designed to support the most recognised and relevant Australian charitable organisations but it’s hard to select, right?

We always advise to select an organisation or multiple organisations that are important or unique to you.

Do you want to help those in need? safeguard our environment from disaster? help wildlife? decide which cause(s) you are most passionate about and show your support by rounding up the extra change from day-to-day transactions.

We ensure that all charitable organisations within the application are verified. This verification process ensures that all My Charity Change partners are ACNC (Australian Charity and Not-for-profits Commission) verified and have received an official tick of approval from the governing body as well as ATO (Australian Taxation Office) charity verified. Without the forementioned accreditation, organisations are not able to partner with us, safeguarding our users and keeping the integrity of the application in check.

Charity Size

The decision to donate to larger or smaller charitable organisations often comes about when scrolling through the My Charity Change application, who needs my support? Smaller local organisations can be more targeted with their support however, larger organisations have more feet on the ground, reach and can scale where required. In a nutshell, they all need your support in their own unique ways.

Long Term Support

With the My Charity Change application, you can choose up to three charities to support at the click of button. Our partners appreciate your ongoing support, the extra change from your day to day purchases really does make a huge impact.

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