Why you should use My Charity Change to support Australian charities

We aren’t just Australia’s most innovative giving application; Australians choose My Charity Change for many reasons! Here are just five of the reasons why Australian should choose My Charity Change for the charity fundraising.

  1. Australian owned and operated

Possibly one of the most important, yet simple reasons to choose My Charity Change when fundraising for Australian charities is that My Charity Change is the only fully Australian fundraising platform. We’re just two guys based in Melbourne who want to make a difference, using My Charity Change supports the local economy and ensures that funds have the most direct route to the charity(s) for which they have been raised.

  1. 100% of Donations make it to your chosen charity(s)

That’s right. 100% of your donation will be sent to your selected charity(s). We are extremely transparent within all facets of the application, including providing you with weekly and YTD tax receipts and reporting on behalf of every charity partner.

  1. Simple & Free

My Charity Change has been designed with simplicity in mind. From one-step Facebook, Gmail or Apple sign-up through to reporting, the application is user friendly and simple to use. Did we mention that it’s completely free for you to use!

  1. Secure

We ensure all your personal, financial and banking information is secure. We utilise the most secure software as well as partnering with Australia’s leading payment gateway solution, Stripe. We have made donating safe and regulated with all donations raised from supporters sent directly to selected charity(s) bank accounts.

  1. Choose from a selection of Australia’s most reputable charities

My Charity Change is proud to be officially partnered with over 100 of Australia’s most reputable and respected charities. If you select any of our charity partners, you can trust that 100% of your donation makes it to them and your support will reach them. We encourage all our partners to reach out, thank you and involve you on any new projects or initiatives they’re working on.

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